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Re-elect Lupe Ramos Watson - Indio City Council 2016.


For experienced leadership in Indio re-elect Lupe Ramos Watson.

Your Pro-Business, Pro-Public Safety Council Member.

Vote Lupe for:

  • Continued Fiscal Responsibility
  • More Jobs and Economic Development
  • Support for Local Business
  • Enhanced Public Safety
  • Planning and Vision for Indio

Lupe has led our City in Promoting and Growing our local economy – projects bringing $100’s of millions of dollars and jobs in out City such as:

  • The new Jackson and I-10 Shopping Center
  • The new County Administrative Center

Lupe has been a leader in making a better quality of life in Indio:

  • Protecting police and fire service levels to safeguard our community.
  • Supporting education opportunities such as the new College of the Desert Campus in downtown Indio.
  • Enhancing recreation opportunities such as the new Senior Center, Teen Center and renovated Park System.

Re-elect Lupe Ramos Watson – Your experienced Pro-Business, Pro-Public Safety Leader for Indio City Council.

Lupe's Platform